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Time passes so fast and everything must change. . .

Hi! I'm Sam but I preferred Asuka or Asu.
I'm a Fangirl. I love Hey!Say!JUMP but I also love visual kei's such as Gazette,Uchuu Sentai Noiz. I also love Scandal.

I'm from Philippines meaning I'm a Filipino :)
Hope we can be friends :)

My Ichibansssss is:
Ryosuke Yamada of Hey!Say!JUMP
Reita of Gazette
Masato of Uchuu Sentai Noiz
Mami of Scandal

I ship:

Everything is Love so you are Loved ~ <3

Interests (12):

anything about japan is my interest!, conventions, cosplay, food, i love everything :), i love japan, jpop and visual kei, panda, reading books, strawberry, watching jdrama and anime, writing fictions
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